Friday, December 30, 2011

Koha Adaptation Program

Library Automation Solution Using Open Source Software [KOHA]

Gravitec Labs is an Open Source Software Solution platform based in Gandhinagar is pleased to announce and launch "Koha Adaptation Program" for limited time bound for Academic and Public library automation.

About Koha software:
Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package (ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, groups, clubs and support companies from around the world. Visit software website:

What is "Koha Adaptation Program"?
This program is for libraries which are planning to automate their libraries in just 2 days. This is (As a time-bound program). The duration of this program is 16 hours (2 - days). And it is very simple. Invite our Koha Open Source Team Ambassador from Gravitec Labs, Gandhinagar to visit your library and finalize schedules for this program.

What should you do to enroll to this program?
Please visit our blog spear and enroll your library for the program. We shall have a meeting and feasibility check to implementing Koha at your site after conform registration.

What happens after Enrollment and Meeting?
On behalf of Gravitec Labs, we will do the following for your library centre:

Step 1
We will install the latest version of Koha on your Linux system (On well-known flavor).

Step 2
This is a 16 hour program (2 days). In this step we will train you on all the critical functionalities of library management. (# Charge bases)

Step 3
System Maintenance and Support:
We will provide you with information on process to get instant help from us. Maintaining Koha is very cost effective.

What are the costs involved in taking up this program?
Gravitec Labs does not charge anything for installation and its implementation only training shall be chargeable. Subsequently, it is not an absolutely free program. All you need is a decent Internet connection with at least two computer systems (one must Linux) with dependable configuration.

For any queries you may send us email to @

Wishing you a happy open source.

Warm regards

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